Circular economy – a profitable sustainable future

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Circular economy is today one of the hottest themes in business and a potential key factor to future proof your business and to make your organization a partner of tomorrow. Few people and businesses have a deep understanding of the basics behind circular economy and, most importantly, a good understanding of how to implement it.

Most businesses are built around a linear economy; we take resources, use them and dispose them. We all know that this has to change and change fast. There are many drivers that will fuel this change: market prices are becoming more volatile, premises for international trade of raw materials are being questioned, consumer behavior are changing rapidly and we already see successful circular business models being implemented around the world.

Software as a service have had an enormous effect on the world but now product-as-a-service is growing in many sectors. The mix and combination of everything that is going on in this space of circular economy is thrilling and a massive opportunity for businesses to drive revenues and profits while driving a sustainable agenda.

“Let´s stop running in circles, let’s close the loop”


About Emma and Coest

Emma and Coest AB have deep knowledge about circular economy from supporting individual businesses and business clusters in this transformation; from advisors to business model innovators.

Emma will share the basics of circular economy, dig deeper into some specific areas and discuss examples from around the world were innovation is taking place. This is for everyone aiming to understand the business opportunities in a new world that is currently being developed and everyone will be able to leave with a better understanding of circular economy and the opportunities that each business has by start doing things immediately.

Emma Dalväg
Experienced facilitator, and public speaker. Sustainable business developer with the ability to create progress. Emma is one of Sweden's most experienced circular economy experts.

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Circular economy – a profitable sustainable future


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