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About Googol

At Googol we increase our client’s innovation capabilities and help commercialize concepts. We help organizations go from insight to innovation, to bring new products and services to the market faster and more efficiently.

How we work

At Googol we work with all steps of the innovation process. From inspirational talks and hands-on testing to the implementation of new innovation processes and launch management strategies.

We know that many organizations have vast insight in their industies and are often great at coming up with new ideas. The problem is that many lack a process to take an idea to the next level. At Googol we act as advisors and collaborators when we help bring your opportunities to life; from insight to market.

Senior Advisor Innovation Management

Jan Sanqvist

+46 705 55 59 11

Senior Advisor Innovation Management

David Knutsson

+46 708 23 92 05

Senior Advisor Innovation Management

Henrik Gustafson

+46 705 25 19 49

Senior Advisor Innovation Management

Matias Pakarinen

+46 703 44 59 70

CEO of Innovation Pioneers

Susanne Fuglsang

+46 707 38 99 97

Founder of

Innovation Pioneers

Googol is the founder of Innovation Pioneers, a learning platform for innovation leaders & practitioners from a wide cross industrial background. Members range from companies, organizations and government agencies to ​academia, research and startups. Tank meetings take place every quarter and the two-day conference Innovation Pioneers Summit is hosted every fall.


From Insight to Market
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