7 deadly sins of Innovation

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Many organizations are putting all the more time and effort into innovation these days. However, it is important to have an innovation strategy and process in place in order to maximize the result for your business.

This talk focuses on the 7 deadly sins of Innovation and how to avoid these mistakes when innovating your business. The talk is held by Jan Sandqvist, CEO at Googol, who has vast experience of working with all steps of the innovation process for both smaller and larger corporations.

The talk will help your management or innovation team understand what is holding innovation back in your organization. The aim is to fuel new ideas and insights to help you rethink your innovation processes.

Jan Sandqvist
Experienced innovation consultant specializing in commercializing services and products. Jan has lead several projects in innovation management and innovation metrics. He is the CEO of Googol.

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7 deadly sins of Innovation


  • Type: Talk
  • Time: 30 min or 60 min
  • For whom: Management teams and larger audiences
  • Goals: Understanding common obstacles for Innovation and ways around them

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