Passionately curious
innovation experts

We’re a diverse, cross-disciplinary team with deep expertise across various industries, driven by curiosity and courage to contribute to the movement of a better society.

Who we are

Amongst us you will find business architects, entrepreneurs, as well as specialists with more than 20 years of innovation management experience. The network of Googolians is constantly expanding through collaborations with expert thinkers and practitioners.

  • Jan Sandqvist +46 (0)70-555 59 11

    “I believe all organizations have hidden assets that are not being used. By commercializing them with our clients we create value of investments already made.”

  • My Ekstrand
    My Ekstrand +46 (0)70-750 66 69

    “I believe that intrapreneurship is a key in order to accelerate innovation throughout the organization. Besides engaged co-workers, we need a strongly committed and supportive
    management team for it to work.”

  • Susanne Fuglsang
    Susanne Fuglsang +46 (0)70-738 99 97
  • Dariush Ghatan +46 (0)70-606 86 96

    “For me, compassion, curiosity and courage have become lead words. I strongly believe in leadership beyond personal winnings.”

  • Bengt Järrehult +46 (0)70-666 15 76

    “I am triggered by making change happen in organizations by applying both new and proven methods on how to be more innovative.”

  • Sven Andrén
    Sven Andrén

A house Östermalmsgatan 26a, 114 26 Stockholm

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