Don’t launch a product – implement a story

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Focus on storytelling when introducing a new or updated product. This talk will help you understand why telling a story is key to getting your business the results they need when launching a new service or product.

In marketing today, you want to move away from features and instead inspire both internal and external customers with value driven storytelling. David Knutsson at Googol specializes in launch management and has helped many organizations find the core story of each launch to maximize the impact on the market.

Storytelling is becoming one of the most important parts of content marketing today. During this talk you’ll learn more about what storytelling is, how to identify and tell a story about a new product or service, and also get the tools to implement storytelling in your launch management strategy.

David Knutsson
Experienced public speaker, moderator and consultant specializing in how to help companies succeed with their product launches. David was named "Inspirer of the year" in 2016.

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Don’t launch a product – implement a story


  • Type: Talk
  • Time: 40 min or 60 min
  • For whom: Management teams, product/marketing teams and larger audiences
  • Goals: The audience will know why storytelling is so powerful and in 3 ways how to implement that for growth and launching new products

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