“Do not Go To Market…”

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Do not go to market if your organisation or your market is not ready. This is how you make them ready!

If you plan to bring any kind of product, service or message out in the world. This is something for you to really take in. It is important to think of your timing before a launch – otherwise you might not get the effect or results you are hoping for. If your organisation is not ready to support the new launch, or if the market does not yet see the need of your new product, service or message, all the hard work you’ve put in during the innovation process might not pay off.

David Knutsson at Googol has long experience of working with launch management strategies for both smaller and larger corporation. Through this talk he’ll help bring light to what is important when planing the launch of your new product, service or message.

David Knutsson
Experienced public speaker, moderator and consultant specializing in how to help companies succeed with their product launches. David was named "Inspirer of the year" in 2016.

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“Do not Go To Market…”


  • Type: Talk
  • Time: 40 min or 60 min
  • For whom: Management teams, product and marketing teams and larger audiences
  • Goals: The audience can expect a talk which will give them top 3 success factors, tools and a smile on their faces.

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