Structure for Growth


One of the departments of IKEA, Future Homes, was constantly increasing due to internal and external demands. Therefore, it was a need to create a structure for one of the departments, Research in Life at Home, and develop a process for future organizational growth.


By getting insight in IKEA, Research in Life at Home and Future Homes a structure was created in order to help the department to understand the competence and resources needed. Furthermore a portfolio management tool, also including other departments of IKEA, was created to get an overview perspective of the ongoing projects. In this way  Research in Life at Home was connected to the bigger picture of IKEA of Sweden and the value of this department was understood. The solution resulted in a road map for managers to see in what area they operated and tools on how they strategically and in a structured way could continue the work to fulfil its purpose.


Stabilised and controlled growth. The solution made it easier to communicate the value of the department internally. Thanks to the portfolio tool it became easier to get an overview perspective for the department in relation to IKEA of Sweden.


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