Joint innovation strategy


In 2017 the Husqvarna Brand Division wanted to boost and harmonise the innovation strategy for its four product categories – Handheld, Electric, Wheeled and Parts & Accessories. It was also perceived that these categories, partly because different momentum in the market, had different view upon “what is innovation?” and “what do we need to do, together?”. Therefore, a common innovation strategy was needed.


Husqvarna turned to Googol to make a survey among close to 90 key employees as a foundation for further development of the innovation strategy. Googol applied its Innovation Capability Assessment and complemented the individual responses with interviews of some 20 key stakeholders, primarily category and division management.


Googol delivered both the overall picture as well as a segmentation per category and function of the status on HBD’s innovation capability. We also proposed a structure for a joint innovation strategy, as a component in the overall business strategy, and a process to fill it with content. Lastly, we defined metrics for innovation to measure and steer the operations following the detailed strategy.



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