We use, teach, license and share our tools with practitioners throughout our eco-system. Tools are used in more ways than one, and for more than one purpose. Portfolio Management, the Decision Tool and Opportunity Scouting are just examples of multi functional tools in our tool box.

Our Toolbox

We employ and select the best-suited tools to tackle your challenges and create value.



Great metrics enhance long-term innovativeness and create a common vision and purpose across your organization. We assist you to choose and define innovation metrics aligned with your business strategy and goals.


Idea Management

We increase the quality and relevancy of your ideas from both creatively and strategically. We bring to the table a systematic process of capturing, developing, selecting and evaluating ideas that creates business value.


Innovation Portfolio Management

Improve your project and risk management capabilities by purposefully deciding how to allocate your resources. We remove the complexity of portfolio management and create synergy among stakeholders to realize your organization’s vision.


Opportunity Scouting

Capitalize on hidden opportunities through existing assets. Googol Opportunity Scouting™ is a structured process in which we scan your organization for current and future opportunities that align with your strategic focus.


Opportunity Management

We create tangible value for your organization and stakeholders by assisting you in identifying needs, developing and implementing solutions, and by commercializing your opportunities and bringing traction to them.


Periscope Investments

Googol Periscope Investment™ assists you in investing your know-how and your functional innovation assets, with a defined risk profile, into chosen ventures. Through tailored entrepreneurial endeavors, we give you insight, first-hand knowledge and financial returns.


Business Modeling

Googol helps you to analyze and review your current business model(s) and test alternatives by creating business model prototypes, a process which is both faster and less costly than traditional full-scale tests.


Decision Tool

Our Decision Tool services typically include two or more workshops where we help the client to define and set up comparative evaluation criteria according to present and future company strategy, and a license to use our web-based software.


Inspirational Talks

We moderate and facilitate all to inspire and educate you, your teams, clients and management to innovate. We also help you to make your own expertise inspirational by developing and honing your presentation skills.


Technology Transfer

Googol’s Technology Transfer service identifies such opportunities, whether outbound or inbound to your organization. We assist in piloting them and facilitate closing through a trade sale, licensing or partnership formation.


Venture Management

We engage with our experience as entrepreneurs and business developers in the value creation process. We support the management team in focusing on what is relevant and getting it done first. Our Venture Management services involve our extended network and we are known to have rapidly created tangible value in even seemingly improbable opportunities.

Let us help to implement our tools to your business.

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