Ten Areas of Innovation

Short Facts

Time Frame: 4-6 hours

Group Size: 10-40 people

Purpose: Higher returns on innovation

Price: On request

This is the workshop for you that wish to increase margins, customer satisfaction and market penetration with your portfolio.

We elaborate around insights, strategies and activities that actually have your organisation combine areas of innovation to generate higher returns.

Output: Ideas on how to innovate combining different areas of innovation. All put into a context and conceptualized.

The Ten Areas

Workshop Modules

Intro Seminar

10 Areas

Explore & Analyze

What have others done?

Your company’s present situation

Competitors strengths

Case - Challenge

Customized case built on your company’s strategic directions


Idea generation around the 10 different areas. Idea screening and combining the ideas into one powerful offering.

Pitching the Idea

Conceptualize the ideas and pitch to each other

Vote together on the strongest concepts.


How to get there with your organisation?

Learn how our tailor-made solution can solve your organisation’s challenges

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