Increase your returns on innovation efforts by managing your opportunities purposefully. Our rigorous entrepreneurial approach, aimed at generating tangible returns, drives ideas to market faster and better. Harvest untapped opportunities, and decrease risks and time to market for your projects through innovative business development.

Our Opportunity Development Framework


Innovative business development based on a creative and rigorous entrepreneurial approach. By focusing on creating value for all stakeholders, we assist you in deciding what innovation to pursue, and create drive to take your projects to market faster and better. Our results-driven process is based on deep insights into your customers needs and often involves collaboration with expert partners.

Googol engages in the complete process – from strategy to scouting for new opportunities, conceptualizing to commercializing ideas, and to managing the operation post launch.

Our Opportunity Development Framework

We employ a highly focused, results-driven process that systematically discovers, prioritizes, evaluates, and execute on your organization’s opportunities.


Opportunity Scouting

  • Scouting, assessing and prioritizing opportunities
  • Uncovering hidden assets in your patent portfolio
  • Mapping brands that could be re-launched
  • Evaluating identified opportunities using our framework

Outcome: A prioritized list of briefly described opportunities suitable for implementation.


Concept Creation

  • Explore possibilities and expand boundaries for scouted opportunities
  • Ideation based on principles found in the Book of Ideation
  • Final concepts detailed for making a Go/No-Go decision

Outcome: Concepts that are ready for commercialization



  • Investigation and scoping of the project
  • A small core team of marketing and technical experts
  • Preliminary market, technical, and business assessment.

Outcome: A steering document that frames the project.


Business Model

  • In-depth market research
  • Technical and manufacturing assessment
  • Financial and business analysis
  • Involving manufacturers for production feedback and expertise

Outcome: Business case with a defined offer.



  • Design, development, and validation of the offer
  • Forming cross-functional teams with experts and stakeholders
  • Developing the concept based on rapid prototyping
  • Engaging customers early to reduce risk

Outcome: Confirmed offer and production process, and a launch plan.



  • Begin full commercialization of the offer
  • Scaling full production and selling
  • Implementing the launch plan
  • Post launch activities such as monitoring and adjustments.

Outcome: A commercialized offer in the market

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