Joachim Cronquist

+46 (0)76-165 74 00

As a founder of several companies, in a wide range of industries including IT, health care and media production, as well as an author of a best-selling book, Joachim has sound experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. He is an articulate and confident team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance. Joachim holds an MSc in business administration and a BA in statistics from Stockholm University. Consequently, he is considered a major source of innovation and change in any organization.

If my entrepreneurial skills are the foundation of my involvements, then my social abilities are the guarantee for my achievements. Throughout my life, both from a private and career standpoint, I have enjoyed the interaction with people. I am attracted not only to the mix of perspectives and experiences and to what I can learn from those, but also to the synergy of ideas that come up in the meeting. Malcolm Gladwell would probably define me as a connector. Consequently, my talent to create relationships has helped me to build social and business related networks. Well, in short, I like people…

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