Innovation Portfolio Management Challenge

Short Facts

Time Frame: 4 hours

Group Size: 10-40 people

Next Step: Business Modeling

Price: On request

iPM Challenge is an interactive game that creates further understandings and on-hands experience with portfolio management. The workshop is lead and overseen by two Googolians who divide the participants into groups to experience portfolio management in a case-based scenario for a half-day workshop.

Output: All participants gain increased knowledge in effective portfolio management, as well as how adjustments should be made in the organisation.

What is
Innovation Portfolio Management?

Innovation Portfolio Management (iPM) is one of Googols developed disciplines which processes and tools help managers create a relevant foundation of business projects and products that can more effectivly stand up to the organisations strategies and goals.

Googol describes iPMs positioning in the following way:

  • Strategy answers the question “why should we innovate?”
  • iPM answers the question “what should we innovate?”

iPM handles perspectives such as decision-making, risk analysis and resource allocation.


How the day-to-day operations can better realise the companies strategy.

Connection between the different portfolios: Idea, project and product/service.

Resource Allocation and that realisation that not all projects can nor should be completed.

The need for a balansed and long-term portfolio.

The organisations risk management in relation to portfolio value.

The power in visualising a portfolio approach which otherwise is seen as rather absract.

Using methods of analysis for quality as well as quantity.

Learn how iPM Challenge can be customised to fit your organisation portfolios and strategies.

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