innovation capabilities
for sustainable growth

How you innovate and what you innovate on are closely linked to why you innovate. We bring deep expertise and cutting-edge thinking and real actions to assist your organization to build an innovation compass, instil the right structure, and cultivate a culture with a constancy of purpose for introducing new business models, processes and offerings.

The power of innovation in an organization is basically a question of long-term survival and now that the speed of change and competition from new business models is increasing you need to secure a strong and sustainable innovation capability. This is not built by only looking at technical solutions, one can be innovative in so many other areas than hard products and their performance which the most successful companies also are, and one ought to take a holistic grip on all aspects that give pre-requisites for innovation.

Therefore, Googol has developed a new framework to support this journey into the future – our Innovation Capability Program. In a structure of seven perspectives and under that 28 different modules, we work step by step to build capability for innovation into the company’s DNA, to increase the capability and sometimes even regain it if “the sting” has been lost.


All companies talk about innovation, but many really do not know where they stand, where they are heading or what to do to get where they should be. Let us be your guide on this journey!

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