Here are three questions that we asked Carina Axelsson (CA), Clas Rolander (CR) and Shirine Bauer (SB) who are all attending Almedalen next week.

What are your expectations on the week?

CA: I expect to meet with interesting people and spot new trends in the digital arena.

CR: My expectations are to learn from a lot of interesting discussions, hopefully also to contribute to some, and to network with a lot of equally interesting people.

SB: I hope to receive new insights and that I will return fulfilled by the discussions and meetings with interesting people.

Any topic that you are specifically interested in?

CA: Everything to do with digital leadership and innovation management.

CR: Innovation (of course) and digitalisation, e-health and life science sector, automised transportation and e-mobility, the transformation of the energy sector and urban life and future cities.

SB: I am particularly interested in learning and sharing the latest insights about sustainability, digitalisation and big data in correlation to innovation.

Where can we find you during the week?

CA: I’ll be in Visby Sunday – Wednesday. Follow and tweet me: @Carina_Axelsson

CR: I´ll be in Visby from Sunday-Wednesday so just send me a text on 076 767 7077 and we will meet up. You can allways follow me on Twitter @ClasRolander

SB: You can always join me to one of the seminars or meet me for a coffee to share methods, insights and tools!


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