Drawing from our experience and expertise over the years in the field of innovation, we have published two books aimed at providing you with in-depth knowledge across two fundamental pillars in our work — Ideation & Innovation Metrics.


Book of Ideation

This book incorporates important learnings and experiences over the years to give you a guide that will inspire and help you innovate more effectively to better serve your customers in the future.

The tools and methods presented in the handbook have been tested and used extensively in connection with various types of problem (technical or non-technical) as well as the exploration of new business opportunities.

Book of Metrics

Even though most companies are aware of these challenges and are eager to improve their way of working, the term “innovation” is still often viewed upon as somewhat implicit and free-flowing. If you are serious about your innovation efforts, setting the right objectives and performance indicators are key.

This book identifies ways of using metrics in a more structured way, in order to improve innovation management and hence innovation performance.


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